July 21, 2008

Time flies

Here was my stream of consciousness from earlier today:

Look at all that dust on the dresser! I just dusted last week!

Was that last week? Yeah, I think so. Right before we left on vacation.

No, Family Camp was last week. And we had a camp the week before that. Did we really leave on vacation more than three weeks ago?

Yeah, we left in June. June 27th. I can't believe I haven't dusted since June.

Oh, that's right. I think I remember dusting last on the day of the vegetable oil incident. That was right before we left on vacation.

Or was it? Maybe I should check the blog.

MAY 17TH?! The vegetable oil incident was over TWO MONTHS ago? Which means I haven't dusted for over 2 months.

I guess it's past due.


Sara Neufeld said...

That is awesome. As I stared at the cobwebs floating on my kitchen curtains during dinner tonight, I I wondered when was the last time I had dusted those...and then I realized, never.

Simply Me... said...

You make me laugh,as they say the dust is piling up LOL...


Sarah said...

Um, Sara....the last time I dusted anything was on May 9th, and the time before that was FEBRUARY 15. Both of these were times that I was having people over the next day. That was the ONLY reason that I dusted. I straighten my house periodically for my sanity, but the only time I really "CLEAN", as in dust, vacuum, etc., is when I'm having people over. And I'm not much of an entertainer, so that's pretty rare!! (I do scrub my bathrooms frequently though....I'm not that gross!! :))

Minnie said...

I'm glad to see it's not just my brain that works that way.