July 28, 2008

Watching my mouth . . .

Whenever I tell Jack that I love him, he signs "thank you" back to me. Isn't that the ultimate form of rejection? At one point, he would try and repeat what I was saying when I told him I loved him, but he doesn't any more. He just signs, "thank you." I'm working on a solution to this one.

His vocabulary seems to be exploding. Every day, there's a new word he says or a new object he recognizes. When I got him out of bed this morning, he was copying every sound that came out of my mouth. It's amazing to see someone changing so much every day. It's awe-inspiring, really.

One of his favorite new words is, "tractor." We have lots of those at camp, and he pointed them out to me when we saw them tonight. I'm just hoping his next words aren't "NASCAR" or "mullet."

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