July 30, 2008

Rest in peace, ipod mini.

My ipod died today. It's not really that huge of a deal, because I have an ipod mini. I know that you're thinking I mean an ipod nano, but you're wrong. I'm talking about the mini . . . which they stopped producing 3 1/2 years ago. But I loved it. It was sturdy and dependable and did exactly what I needed it to do . . . play music. It wasn't too big and wasn't too small. I'm going to miss it.

My birthday's next week and Kyle and I were thinking about buying one of these as a combined birthday present (his is at the end of August). But I think it might be time for me to get one of these instead.

I'm really wishing I hadn't just purchased a Blackberry.


Minnie said...

So sad about your ipod. It's funny how much we've come to depend on them.

I will say, I couldn't make my way out the door each morning without my blackberry though.

Sarah said...

I just bought an LG Chocolate phone....and I'm loving it, because I have consolidated what I "wear" when I run. I hated wearing an mp3 player (yes, I did NOT have an iPod!) AND a phone while running, so now I have all my music ON my phone. It's swell :) (Except the keyless touchpad is INCREDIBLY sensitive...which is a little annoying)

3 Cheers to joining the ranks of the 30 year olds by the way!!!! :) I'm sure you can HARDLY wait, right?! :) (It's really not so bad. 29 was worse just because of the anticipation)