July 15, 2008


Over the last few months, I've discovered a few sellers on etsy who have almost identically copied my designs. But what can I do, right? I just let it go.

Tonight, I found a seller who hasn't copied my designs, but uses the same wording (almost word for word) for her item descriptions. And she charges $1 less than everyone else out there. It's so frustrating to me. What do I do? Call her out on it? Where would that get me? I know I need to just let it go.

She's got great stuff and seems to be very talented. I don't know if she's just lazy and couldn't write her own descriptions, or what. She also doesn't need to charge $1 less. She's cheating herself out of profit there.

Ugh. It's so frustrating.

Thanks for listening.


The Giffen Family said...

I'll still come to you for all my etsy business!! :)

Anonymous said...

Send her a message and offer to write copy for her at $1 / word....


Sara Neufeld said...

Ooooh, that IS frustrating! I've had my own frustrating time lately with the Taggies patent...their lawyers made Etsy remove my tag blankies from my store. grrrr.... I also get annoyed at people charging next to nothing for items. I feel that I have really reasonable prices. I don't understand how some people make any money after the etsy & paypal fee. oh well....i guess I just vented too on your comment. sorry. :)

Minnie said...

That's got to be VERY frustrating.

I would suggest contacting her and discussing; a.) she's cheating herself out of $1 ea. b.) ask her if she's got any interest in your help for the verbiage.

Kristy said...

I am sorry! We absolutely love the announcement you did for us. I have been sure to pass your name along to anyone I know looking for announcements.