July 12, 2008

Family Vacation

We had a great vacation last week, but like I said on Monday, it's good to be home.

We started the week out with my parents, aunt and uncle and cousins. We visited Fife Lake, where many of my family on my mom's side originated. We spent some time at the cemetery where much of my family is buried. I learned a lot about those who came before me. We then went on to Traverse City and Petoskey where we ate, shopped and relaxed. You can see pictures of that trip here.

After my family left, we drove to Boyne City to meet Kyle's family. We camped in a tent all week . . . which went better than I thought it would. The only drawbacks were the rain and the cold nights. We didn't realize that the rain fly on our tent leaked until it had been raining for over an hour on Tuesday morning. Jack's crib was soaked, our bed was wet, and water was beginning to pool on the floor of the tent. Thank goodness that we were camping with family . . . Kyle's dad and brother-in-law really helped us get things fixed and dried out. The other issue was that it got down into the 40's most nights and we didn't bring a heater. Why would we? It's JULY! Fortunately, Kyle's parents found one for us that kept us fairly cozy.

We spent a couple of afternoons at the beach and took the boat out one afternoon. Other than that, we relaxed at our camp site.

We spent a little time in Traverse City and ended the week with dinner at the park in Petoskey. Did I mention that when I say that we were on vacation with "Kyle's family," I meant all 34 of us?

You can see more pictures from our trip here.

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