July 13, 2008

Clean and dry

We took him to the doctor's office on Friday where he was diagnosed with an unidentified virus. Which was incredibly helpful to know . . . I'm so glad we'll be billed $90 for this valuable information.

Following the appointment, we did what any responsible parents would do and took him out and shopped for a clothes dryer. He did pretty well, all things considered. He was toddling around while we were browsing and at one point I looked up and saw him face to face with another kid a little older than he is. The father of the other kid said, "Looks like they're having a staring contest."

Whoops. I wonder if I should have told his parents to schedule their child an appointment with his pediatrician for sometime next week, just in case he comes down with an unidentified virus. My bad.

That night was probably the worst of all nights so far, but the fever broke on Saturday afternoon and hasn't been back, hough he does have the awful rash that everyone said he might get once the fever broke. He's not quite back to being himself totally, but he's much, much better.

Anyway, we did buy a new dryer . . . and the matching washer. Thanks for everyone who e-mailed and called about washer and dryer deals. Someone actually told us about the Sears outlet (one in Livonia and one in Taylor). We will probably never buy an appliance from anywhere else. The Sears Outlet has all of the Sears appliances that work perfectly but have cosmetic damage. We got a front loading washer and dryer for less than half of what they were selling for at Sears. They have a few scratches and dents and we have to buy a set of feet for the washer (that cost about $8 total), but it was totally worth it.


Anonymous said...

good to know, about the sears outlet (not about jack's unidentified virus...unfortunately, they get lots of those).

Minnie said...

That's awesome!

Love the "Scratch and Dent" section.