July 25, 2008

Baby boom!

Between real world and blog world, I have lost count of the number of people I know who are pregnant. It's so exciting! The last time there were a lot of pregnancies among my friends, Kyle and I had been trying for two years to get pregnant without any success. So, this time, I'm just as excited for everyone but I have a lot less baggage of my own weighing me down!

That said, I placed an order with a blog-world/etsy friend (whose name also happens to be Sara) last week for an upcoming baby shower and I am so excited about my purchase! These burp cloths and this tag blanket are not only beautiful and ridiculously soft, but even Kyle remarked about how well-made they are. On top of all of that, I received them in the mail only a few days after I first ordered them! I love being able to give a gift that I know they won't get from anyone else!

She has several listed in her etsy shop, but I believe she'll do custom orders, too. You can see even more on her blog . . . including a super cute crayon holder and fantastic nap mats.


Sara Neufeld said...

Okay, how sweet are you??!!! That's awesome!!! I am so glad you like them. It's always good to have that affirmation! :)

The Giffen Family said...

Her stuff is awesome!! She'll be hearing from me soon - I have a friend about to have a baby and was at a loss for a unique gift... Thanks for the "blog-vertisement"!

Maria W. said...

Bought something last night, she is shipping it this morning. Can't wait to get it!