July 10, 2008


My baby is sick.

When Kristi brought him down from his nap yesterday, she mentioned that he felt really warm. I just attributed it to all of the playing he did yesterday in the heat. I noticed he was quiet and wanted to be held a little bit more than usual, but didn't really think much of it.

When we got him home, he didn't touch his dinner and seemed really irritable. We noticed that he was still really warm and tried to take his temperature in his ear. He freaked out. We've taken his temperature with the ear thermometer probably close to one hundred times over the last 13 months and he's never had a problem with it. But he pitched a fit every time we got it close. We knew he wasn't himself.

Because of his protests, we couldn't get a good reading. All we knew was that his temperature was somewhere between 102 and 104. Nice, huh? We called the after hours line at our pediatrician's office and the nurse was friendly but didn't really tell us anything we didn't already know.

Jack's only had a fever once before, and it kills me to see him sick. He slowly got worse as the evening went on, though the tylenol seemed to help. He was so sleepy, but it seemed like he couldn't get comfy. We laid him in his crib and he just tossed and turned. He cried several times during the night, but wasn't even standing up when we went to check on him.

Family Camp begins tomorrow, so Kyle and I both have a lot on our plates right now. We'll be tag teaming it today, but hopefully he'll be feeling better by this afternoon. If not, we'll be making a trip to the pediatrician's office.


Minnie said...

I hope he starts feeling better soon.

Elisa said...

Zackary was sick last weekend, so I took him in on Monday to make sure he would be okay for today. There is apparently a virus with a temperature & then a rash when the fever breaks. I hope he feels better soon, it is so hard to see them sick.

Sarah said...

ear infection maybe, since he was so upset with the ear therm? Poor guy :(

Sarah said...

Oh,and I think the one Elisa mentioned, with the rash that develops after the fever....it's called Fifths Disease. Not really a disease...that's just the name of it...it'd look like his cheeks have been slapped (pink), and then would develop a rash on other areas...arms, legs, trunk, etc....once the rash develops though they're no longer contagious. It's been around the g'ville quite a bit this spring.