March 23, 2010

I do not scrapbook.

I have all the respect in the world for those of you who can cut and paste your way to amazing photo albums of your children and your memories. But I am not one of them.

I used to be. I have some great scrapbooks from my college days. But I think photos from my senior year are still sitting sorted in a box, because I got tired of it.

So, why on earth am I in charge of a scrapbooking weekend? Good question. It's a part of my job. We host one at camp every year and we have close to 50 women coming this year. I usually just spend the weekend walking around and admiring their work. I know good design when I see it, so I can appreciate what they do. I just don't want to do it myself.

Getting ready for that this weekend has consumed me this week. I had Kyle lug my desktop computer (and 27" monitor . . . yikes) up to the Field House so that I can work while I oversee the weekend. Why not get stuff done, right? The only down side is that there's no internet access up there. Just typing that broke a little piece of my heart right off.

In other news this week, if you haven't checked out the re-vamped less ordinary designs blog, head on over. I've been posting regular ideas and articles and will be periodically posting free downloads. You're welcome.

In other, other news, I've been thinking hard and having interesting e-mail conversations with some super talented professionals about starting an actual custom photography business. I'm kind of at the point where I need to either go for it, or cut back.

This winter, it was, um, brought to my attention on more than one occasion that I need to re-prioritize and make my life less crazy. Because I can do it all. I really can. It's just that none of it will be done very well.

So we've discussed time commitment, price structures, what I need to improve, what I'd need to give up, etc. I've been wading for a while, and I'm just trying to weigh my options and decide if I want to dive in or not. Because wading is comfortable. And you can do it without having to put on a swimsuit. But diving in . . . well, it's a lot more time and you feel a little less clothed and more vulnerable. Through this process, I've been spending time looking back at photos I've taken over the last two years . . . I've come an incredibly LONG way. And I still have a long way to go.

Life is good just busy. Hopefully I'll resume regular posting next week!


Melissa Hoffman said...

I had not checked out your design blog yet... just did.... LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just get ready for some more business to come your way.

John Waldo said...

Your studio could be "Less Ordinary Photography"....