March 7, 2010

Splish Splash

We enrolled Jack in swimming lessons for the next 8 weeks. The best part? On the nights he has lessons, he comes home exhausted and bedtime is a piece o' cake.

It's a parent/child class and Kyle takes him instead of me because, well, you know.

They're very unstructured. Kyle basically just plays in the water with Jack and the instructor goes from child to child and works with them individually. It's basically to help him become more comfortable in the water.

We were bummed because if Ben was one month older, he could have taken the class, too. Then again, that would have required me to put on a bathing suit, so I guess I'm thankful.

This last Thursday, Jack successfully floated on his own (for a few seconds, but still . . .), blew bubbles, and went under the water. This was all HUGE for him! He hates me even to rinse his hair with a cup of water in the bath.

I'm a proud Mama.


Emily said...

My little Jack loves swimming lessons!! We are getting ready for session number 3 soon!

Elisa said...

Awesome! Zackary and I took swimming lessons last fall and he loved it!