March 29, 2010

Dear Ben, Month 6

Dear Ben,

Before we knew if you were a boy or a girl, I told everyone that I would be happy either way. And that's true.I would have been.

But secretly, deep down, I wanted another boy. OK, maybe not so secretly, because I shared that desire with quite a few people. Needless to say, when the ultrasound technician told us that you would be, well . . . that you would be you . . . my heart was full.

My reasons for wanting another boy were many, but the biggest might have been my excitement about the friendship that will inevitably form between you and your brother. Of course I know that there will be fights and squabbles, but I really do hope that you will be close and love each other.

Now that you're crawling, the fights and squabbles seem to have already begun. You favor his toys over yours and will make a beeline (well, as much of a beeline as a new crawler can make) for his fire truck, stethoscope and books whenever possible. These are a few of Jack's favorite toys, Ben. It's almost like you know that.

So, Jack will yell at you, place one hand firmly on your back, and push you down so that you can't crawl anymore. And he'll often yank the toy out of your hand. Sometimes you just lay there. Sometimes you start crying. But most of the time, you scream until I rescue you. Ahhh, brothers. I'm confident that this will get better and you'll learn to play with each other rather than against each other.

You're crawling is kind of funny. We call it a "bear crawl" because you do it on your hands and the soles of your feet, only occasionally dropping to your knees. It always looks like you're about to stand up and walk away. You're so entertaining . . . I could just sit and watch you all day. You love to make your way over to the vent near the window and just stick your fingers in it. It's not clean, but it keeps you busy. Life was easier when you were stationary, but I'm still loving this stage.

As I write this, your dad is going through Jack's old clothes and pulling out things that will fit you now. As we look at certain pieces, I'm amazed at how much it seems like just yesterday that Jack was wearing that stuff. It feels like we just put it away.

And now you're wearing it . . . and before we know it, we'll be putting it away again.

Life passes so quickly. You're growing up so fast.

My prayers for you are many, but tonight I pray that you'll grow up knowing how much you're loved . . . that you'll realize how capable and wonderful we think that you are. And that you'll remember that God's heart is filled with tenderness and delight at the mere thought of you.



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Melanie Eccles said...

he is amazing!
and I especially love his bearwalk. :D