March 13, 2010



Kyle just sent a picture of him and the boys at the zoo . . . I'm getting a lot done, but I miss them.


It's 7:15 AM and I'm the only one in my house who's awake.

I'm definitely going to start telling Kyle that I love him more than rainbows.

March 5
Because my husband can't say, "no" we just bought a TON of meat from a door to door salesman.

I have one boy using the potty regularly and one boy just about crawling. It's been an eventful week.

Jack just looked out the window and said, "I SEE GRASS!"

March 4

Someone likes hobby lobby as much as his mom . . .

Dear ben, please work on cutting teeth when playing. Not while nursing. Thanks.

March 3

I'm making Ben watch 16 & Pregnant with me so that he'll realize how good he has it.

Toad in the hole = huge breakfast success

The boys and I have had a great time together over the last few days but I'm excited for Kyle to come home tomorrow!

Every time Jack goes to the potty on his own initiative, I swear to you, I hear a choir of angels singing the hallelujah chorus.

March 1

Me: Jack, why did you wet your pants? You did so well today. Jack: The day's over, mom.

Hmmm . . . Has Jodi been teaching Jack all of her secrets?

At what point can I stop throwing a party every time Jack goes potty?

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