March 20, 2010

Favorite Books: Board books

I know I've made lots of recommendations of books that Jack loves, but now that Ben's getting older, I'm pulling out the board books that have been abandoned for a few months. Oh, boy . . . the memories! I can recite all of these from memory!

These all would make excellent baby shower gifts, as well!

I Love You All The Time
We received this as a shower gift. The illustrations aren't my favorite, but the words are so special. This is one of the first books that Jack would sit and listen to all the way through without trying to wiggle away or eat the book.

Goodnight Moon
Is there any child that doesn't have this book? Is there any parent that doesn't have it memorized? This was the first book that Jack knew well enough to read to me.

Gossie and Gertie (Gossie and Friends)
This isn't MY favorite book, but Jack went through a stage where it's the only book he wanted to read. And because of it, when ever I talk about two individuals being friends, I always want to add, ". . . best friends."

The Going-To-Bed Book
A classic bedtime story . . . whenever I see the cover, I think of the last words that say "They rock and rock and rock to sleep." Jack and I would always say that line together as we rocked in his glider.

I Love You Stinky Face
This is a FUN book. It's about a boy saying, "What if I was a (fill in the blank)? Would you love me then?" And then the mom tells exactly why she would still love him and what she would do to show him that she loved him.

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Melissa Hoffman said...

I have so many showers and I am going to get these books! You are so helpful way up there in MI you know that?