March 28, 2010

one half of a year

Ben turned 6 months old last week . . . it just kind of snuck up on us!

There's a lot I could write about this stage . . . including, but not limited to, the fact that he's still not eating solid foods regularly because we keep forgetting to feed him, other than nursing. Awesome parenting, no?

The funniest thing right now is his crawling. He often crawls like a bear . . . on his hands and feet rather than his hands and knees. Hilarious. With a little effort, he can get anywhere he wants to go now and I lose him sometimes when I get distracted. Jack isn't too excited about his newfound freedom, but he'll just have to get used to it.

He was under the weather last week, but rebounded over the weekend. It's good to hear him laugh again.

I love being his Mom.


Emily said...

Do not feel guilty about solid foods!! Babies don't need solids til they are a year old...nursing is all he NEEDS right now! Jack started at 6 months with one meal...2 meals at around 7-8 months and 3 meals at 9-10 months. I could have waited though, I just wanted him to gain weight. Next baby I doubt I give solids at 6 months.

sara luke said...

Yeah, but Ben's more than 20 pounds already. And he's a lot hungrier than I ever remember Jack being.