March 13, 2010

Music to my ears . . .

We visited friends in the suburbs of Chicago yesterday and had such a good time with them. But by the time we left, the boys were spent and ready for a nap. As we were heading back into the city, we assumed that they'd be asleep in the car within minutes.

Jack started making these obnoxious noises and just as I asked him to stop, Ben starting laughing at him. So, of course, we told him to keep making them! i think they were both so tired that they had crossed over to slaphappy.

I was holding my phone over my head to try and get video of him in his car seat, so my apologies if it makes you seasick.

Untitled from Sara on Vimeo.


Elisa said...

Precious. I forgot how adorable baby laughs can be.

Sarah said...

is there anything sweeter than baby laugh?!?! :) LOVE it!!