March 1, 2010


Another week's worth of twitter updates . . . in reverse order.

February 28

Bedtime #1 of 4 days/3 nights of Kyle being away . . . and it's not off to the smoothest start.

Jack just walked in with a Christmas ribbon around his neck and a gift bow stuck to his shirt and asked, "Look, Mom! Am I handsome?"

February 26

There's no snow storm that can keep us from date night. Fingers crossed for no wait at Outback!

February 25

ME: Jackson, no tantrums! Enough. JACK: Does the BIble say, "No tantrums?" ME: Yes, yes it does. KYLE: It also says, "No lying."

February 24

Jack went down for a nap, in jeans and a tshirt. He got up from his nap with mismatched pjs on.

February 24

Kyle makes the best sandwiches ever. It takes him an hour to make them, but they're so good

Oh, brother . . . Jack told his daycare provider that eating the crust of his sandwich gives him a headache.

After seeing the Today Show segment on figure skating, Jack's in the kitchen with refrigerator magnets under his feet pretending to skate.

February 23

Pet Peeve:When American Idol contestants hold up the # of fingers that correspond with the last digits of the phone number to vote for them

OK, which bedding for Ben's room? Cars: OR Rockets:

Jack starts swimming lessons TOMORROW. Which means we need to go and buy him a swimsuit that fits TONIGHT

February 22

I can't wait for tomorrow. The weekends have no schedule. Infants and toddlers need schedules for mom to be happy.

February 21

I was fake crying this morning and Jack looked at me and said,"Be a man!"

February 20

The very first thing you should do after qualifying for the olympics is to learn the words to your country's national anthem

February 19

On a date . . . Dinner and grocery shopping. My, how things have changed.

Sweet mercy . . . Jack's volume is out of control today.

February 18

Illustrator completes me.

I just seriously scared Jack in a round of hide and seek. He took it well and I can't stop laughing.


Laura Piatt said...

Ok, that does it. You should check out I know you have a ton of things you could add (and possibly win her giveaway).

Paula said...

Ella took a picture of Steve last night with her toy camera. He pretended to be surprised and jumped. She laughed so hard she fell over. :)