March 8, 2010

Favorite Author: Mo Willems

One of my favorite children's authors is Mo Willems. I love his books as much as Jack does and like I said in my last "favorite books" post, I think the best children's books are the ones that I don't want to hide can enjoy, too.

He wrote one of our bedtime favorites . . . Leonardo, the Terrible Monster.

It's all about a monster who is terrible at scaring people. SPOILER ALERT! He eventually realizes that he can become a wonderful friend, instead.

While we don't own the Knuffle Bunny books, they are our absolute favorites by Mo Willems. We've checked them out from the library more times than I can count and as I type this, I'm wondering why I haven't purchased them yet. All of the illustrations are drawn into New York City photos.

Also, Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed . . . I, uh, I mean Jack loves that one, too! It's all about a Naked Mole Rat who is made fun of because he likes to wear clothes.

We also have Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!, The Pigeon Wants a Puppy, There Is a Bird On Your Head!, and I bought the new Cat the Cat, Who Is That? books for Jack's Easter basket.

While I haven't read them all, my guess is that there isn't a book by Mo Willems that we wouldn't love!


Anonymous said...

I love his books, too! Luke was a big fan of the Elephant and Piggy books, so we have a few of those in our collection. And because they're so simple, Bennett is already reading them to himself!

Laura Piatt said...

I love the cover art of that book! Fantastic!

Jodi said...

I am not ashamed to admit that I bought four or five of the Elephant and Piggy books two years ago (I was so excited when I saw There Is A Bird On Your Head in Jack's room!). The illustrations are the best, especially the facial expressions.