May 24, 2009

Seven Dwarfs

We painted our bedroom this weekend. Which doesn't seem to make sense since we should be working on Jack's room. But there's a logic to it. There's a thought pattern that led us to do our bedroom first. I just don't feel like explaining it right now.

Anyway, I don't know why we decided on THIS weekend, but we did. This is our craziest time of year. And I'm slightly panicked (not really panicked, just slightly) about the fact that we'll be in staff training a week from now. Wow. Typing it just took my breath away.

Tomorrow is Jack's birthday party. It's 9:47 PM and I haven't started his video yet, so I'm thinking we probably won't have one. I haven't even really decided what I'm going to do about beverages yet. I went to set up tonight and forgot most of what I needed, so I'll have to finish tomorrow morning. The party's at 10:30 AM (I know . . . random time, but I'm trying to make it mesh well with his nap schedule for optimum cooperation). I'm not really stressed about anything, but I am wishing I had started planning sooner. I have all of these ideas that would be AWESOME with the theme, but I just don't have time.

I just keep wondering, "Will Jack ever appreciate the work that went into his birthday parties?" My response? "I don't care." He's so excited for his party tomorrow and whether he realizes the amount of work it took or not, he's worth the effort.

We were supposed to have family pictures taken today, but it didn't happen. Jack and I are both still recovering, we attended Kyle's cousin's graduation party and at some point, Jack tore a hole in his shorts. While he ended up looking like a kid who's been living on the streets for a while, it was nice not to have to worry about keeping his clothes clean for the pictures.

Amidst the craziness, I got back from setting up tonight and I found this in my inbox. It made me smile:

I miss you too, Heather.

Oh, and it's time to get some new shirts.

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heather.snider said...

but I like how it fits!