May 15, 2009


Jack did have a virus. The doctor first thought it was strep, but the test was negative. She said there were white spots and open ulcers on the back of his throat and that it looked really painful. Yikes! I was holding my breath when she looked in his ears. We've made it almost two years with no ear infection and we have 2 1/2 more weeks to make it all the way!

That night (Tuesday) was probably the hardest. He woke up screaming throughout the night and just couldn't get comfortable. He wouldn't drink anything and kept grabbing at his chest. He just seemed miserable.

Wednesday was his day of recovery and by Thursday, we were back to our normal routine. When we prayed for dinner on Wednesday night, Jack said, "Dear Jesus, Thank you for day. Thank you for helpin' my feel better. Thank you for food. Amen."

He found a new place that he likes to sit and look out the window. Which isn't great, because that kind of become Murphy's "spot." I've been letting the two of them battle it out on their own.

He asked for an apple and ate almost the entire thing. I said, "Jack, what did you do with the rest of his apple." And he held out his hand and said, "Right here." What was left of the apple literally fit into his closed fist. Whoops. I should have been watching that a little more carefully.

Later, I was in the bathroom for two minutes and he managed to get our Dyson vaccuum out (which is quite heavy), plugged it in and turned it on. A little bit after that, I said, "Are you ready to head to the playground?" And he said, "No mom, I'm dusting."

This is a habit that I'd like to nurture.

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Erin K. said...

Did he have hand, foot & mouth disease? That's what Kaitlyn had last August - she had a huge sore in her mouth and a fever, but no other symptoms. I hope he gets to feeling 100% soon - sounds like he's definitely on his way!