May 14, 2009

22 weeks. Right? I think.

People have started to ask if there are differences between this pregnancy and the last . . . and I honestly can't remember. My memories of being pregnant with Jack are mostly from the last few weeks. So, I can say that it seems like this baby is moving less, but it's probably that I'm really only remembering Jack's movement in weeks 37 - 41. When I was pregnant with Jack all of my neck and shoulder issues disappeared, but this time around, not so much. I haven't had any carpal tunnel issues (a.k.a. the return of the claw) but I don't think that started until around 30 weeks with Jack. I know I had to stop wearing my rings at 28 weeks.

I guess one difference doesn't necessarily have to do with the pregnancy as much as it does with being busy . . . I can NEVER remember how far along I am. When people ask, I have to really think about it. Sometimes, I just give my due date, but they'll usually say, "So how long does that make it?" To which I'm tempted to respond, "Do the math!"

With Jack, I always knew his approximate weight, length, what piece of fruit his size was equivalent to and what part of his little body was developing most this week. With this baby, I depend on my weekly baby center e-mails to remind me how long I have to go.

And seriously, look at the picture below. I look a lot farther along than 22 weeks. Or so it seems to me, at least.

Getting belly pictures regularly has become difficult with how busy our schedules are during this time of year, so I opted for the "self-portrait" today. Let's just say it took a while to get all of me in the picture.

I'm wearing maternity clothes almost exclusively now. Most non-materity shirts are too close to showing my belly for my comfort. And my pants with a lower rise will still fit okay, but my belly pushes them down and they're hard to keep up.

As a surprise, my mom bought me an entire bag full of clothes from A Pea In the Pod when we were in Chicago . . . they're incredibly expensive clothes but they are so comfortable! I had to take one pair of shorts back because, as I told the saleswoman, they fit well now, but I didn't think they would fit in July.

She said, "Oh, well the shorts won't shrink."

I just smiled and wished I could show her a picture of me in all of my puffiness during my last 7 - 8 weeks with Jack.


Smith Family Blog said...

you look adorable!

The Giffen Family said...

You look pregnant. By that I mean you look like you are with child; not like you are carrying around some leftover. Actually, you look small. I'm quite certain that there's a lot of "Will leftovers" hanging around on me. My back (or my stomach, arms, etc..) would not look that smooth - I would have A LOT of fluffiness going on. Oh that reminds me, I should probably start running again :)

The Giffen Family said...

P.S - What does your wall say?

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness! Sara! You look so skinny! I'm saying that as a prego person who is looking at your whole body, not just your tummy. Your face is so thin! Mine is turning into a MARSHMALLOW!!!! Anyway, you look really good. Keep up the baby bump pics!!! I love seeing them!! (not so much a fan of taking my own anymore though!! :))

ann said...

I think you look fabulous.

Xander said...

I totally agree with SAD. Your face (and all of you) looks really skinny. And, you also look really chic (is that how you spell "sheek"?). Anyway, you are a hot momma. :)

Heather S. said...

Wow! You look great!!! I'm impressed that you take pictures regularly of yourself when you are pregnant. I did not take many of me - on purpose!! I have 1 from each trimester - basically to prove that I really was pregnant with the girls.

Jeni said...

You look great! And I completely agree with looking bigger, sooner the second time around. Just wait, it gets worse :). Yay for new comfy clothes too, I love that brand as well.

Karin Schueller said...

I think you look fantastic! When I was pregnant with my second, I was in maternity at 12 weeks. :) My body just 'remembered' and then I stayed at that size for a while, lol.

I think that the lady at the maternity store shouldn't be working there, lol.