May 21, 2009

In five minutes or less

In five minutes or less . . .

  • Bill Cosby was on the Today Show this week. When Jack saw him, he pointed and said, "Presdent Obama!" It's possible that, for Jack's sake, we should move somewhere a little more culturally diverse.

  • We turned on the air conditioning last night. It just about killed me to let Kyle do it, but Jack's allergies (and mine, for that matter) are so bad that sleeping with the windows open was out of the question.

  • In the car on Monday, Jack told me that "Life suck wi-out you." Whoops. Um, time for less Kelly Clarkson and more in the car. He's such a little parrot.

  • I cannot believe that our staff arrives in a little more than a week. How on earth will I get everything done before then? During the first week of staff training, we'll go on a 2 night rustic campout . . . no electricity, no water. Doing that at 6 months pregnant will be challenging. We haven't decided yet if we're taking Jack with us again. He loved it last year and it wasn't too bad, but I was so distracted and I felt like I wasn't really that effective in training. Then again, sleeping on the ground at 6 months pregnant might also make me ineffective. We might leave him with his grandparents. I guess we need to decide that soon.

  • On top of camp work, and card orders, I have an overwhelming number of photos to edit, too. But it's true that if I weren't busy, I'd be antsy for something to do.

  • Jack's birthday party is Monday and I'm finally starting to make some progress at being ready. I have a feeling that it'll be thrown together at the last minute most years. But it will always, always remind me of when I was pregnant with him and trying to get last minute things set for the summer.


John W said...


You can't UNDERestimate the power of what allowing your staff to see you as a mom (and dad) can be. I'd bring him.

"Effectiveness" will be superceded by the example you set.

You guys are doing a great job. Thanks for allowing me the privelege of wathcing from afar.

Anonymous said...

loved the cosby comment...that's so funny! and we've had to quick turn the radio to another station when kelly clarkson comes on, too...

Sarah said...

You're braver than me. I really don't think I could do a rustic camping trip right now!