May 11, 2009

Sick day

We didn't get much done today thanks to his perpetual fever. Nap time was almost non-existent, most likely because of the aches that I'm sure he's dealing with. So I have a whole pile of things to do post bedtime. Tylenol keeps him relatively happy, but he still wants to be cuddling next to someone all the time.

I'm thankful, though, for no more throwing up. In all of the stomach flu we dealt with in the winter, we never had anything as gross or, um, projectile as it was last night. Thankfully, Kyle and I were able to salvage our mattress and pillows.

But my time with this sweet little boy today was well spent. He's never been more cuddly and I don't think he's ever told me "I lub you" as many times as he has today.

I lub you, too, Jack.


Kristi said...

I like the Nemo stuffed animal. Nemo makes everything better :)

Erin K. said...

The worst and the best, all rolled into one. Ah, the paradox of motherhood. :)

julie said...

feel better, Jack.