May 3, 2009

Day 3

It's 8:14 PM on Sunday night and we're back home. And the bedtime issues have followed us here and multiplied 10-fold. Thursday night . . . no bedtime issues. Tonight . . . I feel like I accidentally brought the wrong child home from Chicago.

Jack's been able to climb out of his crib for about a year, but hasn't really done it regularly until recently. And up until tonight, he's basically just done it when he's woken up . . . to come and get us.

Tonight, he climbed out and we took him back (silently, without saying a word) 17 times before we finally took the mattress out of the crib and put it on the floor. We put a baby gate in his doorway and he dragged the mattress over and used it to give him a boost over the gate.

So, we moved the mattress back to the crib and left the baby gate up. He'll just have to fall asleep on the floor when he gets tired, I guess. I don't know what else to do (and please don't suggest a tent). We removed everything that could be at all harmful to him from his room, and right now he's singing into the monitor.

I'm so fried. After a drive home full of tantrums and screaming I have no idea how I'm ever going to be able to handle two children . . . especially if Jack continues like this. I honestly feel like the child I've had for the last week is someone completely different than the child I raised for the 23 months prior to this. Is it crazy that the first 23 months were so good that I thought we might skip some of these behavioral things? Because I did. I honestly thought that.

His room is now silent. I'm going to go take a peek and then find a corner in which to have a good cry.

UPDATE: Diaper rash cream everywhere. In the middle of previously mentioned "good cry."


Mary DePalma said...

Hang in there Sasafrass, remember I am a seasoned old lady/new mom with a lot of baby experience and child exposure and I can confidently say, you are doing the right thing. You know a wise woman (your mommy) told me to remember, everything is a stage and this too shall end. I reminded myself of that when Gianna would not take a bottle... alot...
I have observed such a well raised young man in watching Jack, I can tell, I have seen a great deal of "bad" parents. You are on the right track. You are consistent, fair, and loving. Most importantly, you respond with love. You are soooo gonna be ok. I promise!

Sara Neufeld said...

You're gonna get through this! It is awful right now, but it does end! Sounds like you're doing a great job. We had night time battles with Avery when he was 2 for 6 months until we finally shortened his afternoon nap. Then he was so exhausted by bedtime that he crashed. I think parenting is a lot of trial and just keep trying stuff until you find something that works. Press into Jesus. I'm praying for you.

Heather S. said...

Things will get better!! Lucy has gotten into everything possible when she should be going to bed! It is incredibly frustrating but he will learn!! Take care!

Smith Family Blog said...

My advice: find someone else who has a boy the same age, and make sure you read their blog. Because when you have a child going through the terrible twos, and you read blogs of people with older/younger children who obey, it just gets depressing. :)

My mom has been reading your blog, and she reminded me the other day that I once (or- maybe more than once...) referred to Moses as a "monster" when he was going through this. I remember thinking, "Who IS this child?!"

Erin K. said...

Oh my. Someday this will be one those stories where you say, "Do you remember when..." In fact, you'll probably share this story with some young mom who is struggling with a toddler, and you'll be able to reassure her that it does get better. =)

Just remember that his behavior is not a reflection of your parenting. Well, actually, I take that back. It *is* a reflection of your parenting - it means that someone loves him enough to give him boundaries. You are doing a great job!


Kristi said...

You know what I think is awesome? That you're writing about all of this b/c honestly I can understand how incredibly exhausted you are constantly from being a full time mom and juggling a full time career. But at the same time, I know that you, Kyle and Jack are going to love reading this when Jack is older. As I read your post (which I realize is full of frustration), I giggled a little bit because you have such a clever little kid who is just so full of adventure and curiosity. When he reads these stories when he's older he'll have such a full picture painted for him of what he was like as a kid. And hopefully you'll be able to laugh at his 2 year old antics. :) In the meantime, I admire you and Kyle as parents and I'll be praying for you guys!!

Kyle Luke said...

Writing is where I find clarity and, often, perspective. And I like to have a record of things. There are so many things I'm forgetting ALREADY about Jack. I want to remember as much as possible.

And, how cool would it be if I had something like this to read about from my childhood?

Tara said...

Wow...dragging the mattress over..he's resourceful!
Have you thought of a crib tent? We've been using one for a looong time now.
And again, thanks for blogging about these things as some of the others have said. I feel bad that I generally don't. I think I feel too unstable after the difficult days to do it, though!