August 18, 2007

The road to Chicago seemed longer this time . . .

I'm in Chicago right now. With a baby.

My family (mom, dad, Jeff, Kyle & Jack) drove to chicago to visit my sister Karina. Kyle, Jack and I are staying in Karina's apartment and my parents and Jeff are staying in a nearby motel. We're having a good time, but going to Chicago is a completely different experience than it used to be. Several times over the course of the weekend I've caught myself thinking, "What made me think this was a good idea?" It's a lot more work than it used to be. Thankfully, my family was there to help.

We rode with my parents to save gas money and the car was packed to the max. I was so grateful that they were willing to let us come with them. And I was grateful to Jeff for sitting in the back bench surrounded by luggage. Thankfully, Jack was only cranky for the last 15 mintues of the ride!

We had to pack for every possible scenario for Jack. We packed so much for him and I forgot about half of the things that I needed for me. I packed every burp cloth that we had clean when we left and we went through all of them already. Kyle's in the basement of Karina's apartment doing laundry right now.

Jack did really well today. He's such a great kid. We went to the Chicago Air Show this morning. We saw some cool stuff, but it basically involved sitting there on the for four hours (it was supposed to be six hours, but it started raining). He just kind of took it all in.

He slept in the stroller a lot and enjoyed being carried facing forward in the baby bjorn. That thing is awesome. He also had his first experience with public transportation. He rode on the El and the bus. He also went through four outfits and spit up on everyone but Jeff.

I'm really tired right now and I'm feeling kind of cranky. My family's crowded in the living room of Karina's apartment watching Forrest Gump. I'll have to write more about our trip at a later date.


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