August 26, 2007

The best day yet

Today is Kyle's birthday. It is also the BEST day Jack's had EVER. He slept well, ate well, smiled a lot and traveled well.

Jack was so happy all morning that we decided that we didn't need to sit in the balcony at church. We sat in our usual old area of the sanctuary. He sat on my lap and just looked around and observed during the opening announcement time and singing. Then, he fell asleep in my arms during the sermon. We went to lunch at the Beach Bar following the service and got a little fussy, but calmed down within a minute. He went 5 hours between feedings!

I took him with me to a bridal shower today. It was the longest trip the two of us have made alone. Kyle rigged up the little toy bar that goes over his bouncy seat to hang over his car seat. He played with that for about the first 30 minutes of the trip. He's really started to grab things well . . . but I was so excited when I looked in the rear view mirror and saw that he had a toy elephant in each hand and was banging them together and squealing with excitement over the fact that he could make that noise! Then he kept grabbing their ears because they made a crinkling noise. Ok, maybe that's not genius status, but I am ready to start downloading his college applications.

I've never seen him smile as much as he did today! He was so happy. He fussed a total of about 10 minutes combined all day. It has been great! I wish every day were like this one.

Happy birthday, Kyle!

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