August 14, 2007

Play time with Dad

It's been fun to have Kyle home more now that camps are over, but it's interesting to see how we have different ideas of things. For instance, for me playtime with Jack means pulling out the rattles, blocks and other toys he's way too young for. It means playing on his playmat and having tummy time.

For Kyle, it means this:

I was in the other room and heard Kyle laughing and walked in to find him and Jack playing "dress in dad's clothes." I couldn't help but laugh!

Speaking of Kyle, the flowers he got me for my birthday last Thursday are BEAUTIFUL. I love stargazer lilies:


John said...

Didn't know Kyle still played with rattles, blocks and toys "he's too young for..."


John said...

By the way- What does tummy time for Kyle look like?

Anonymous said...

SO sad about the little boy at Wal-Mart. What a mean person! Breaks my heart. We have crazy people at our Wal-Marts too! They need not reproduce. :) ~Sar VM