August 29, 2007

Goodbye elastic waistbands . . .

So, I've been un-pregnant for 12 weeks and I'm finally wearing normal clothes again. I realize that most women are back in regular clothes within 6 weeks after delivery, but my diet consisted of camp food . . . all summer I ate meals like macaroni and cheese with corndogs and chicken tenders with mashed potatoes. I haven't cooked for myself since mid-May.

In retrospect, I probably could have started fitting into regular clothes around 6 weeks but elastic waistbands just felt more comfortable. You go through 7 months of elastic waistbands so anything even slightly fitted feels tight. Pants still fit a little funny . . . tight in the waist and really big in the legs. It's getting better every day, though.

I went into the spare bedroom where I've been storing all of my regular clothes and it's honestly like I just went on a shopping spree. I had NO IDEA how many clothes I had until I stored them for a year and came back to them. I swear I'm queen of khaki pants . . . I guess that's probably a prerequisite for working at a camp. Going through those clothes is the motivation I needed to lose the rest of this weight. I really can't afford to replace the ones that still don't fit, so I need to get moving on that.

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Kristyw905 said...

If it helps, it took me about three months too! That's about the time breastfeeding finally seemed to have the added benefit of weight loss. :)