August 12, 2007

Going to church . . .

We took Jack to church for the first time today. Well, for the first time at our church. He had only been to church at camp up until this point. It went much like we imagined it would . . . ending with one of us holding him in the foyer until the service was over.

First of all, we tried on three "church outfits" before we found one that still fit. There are two outfits that he never even had a chance to wear because he outgrew them so fast. The last time we put him in them, they were way too big.

When we arrived at church he was asleep. We made our way to the balcony (with all of the other parents of small children) and he stayed sleeping through all of the opening songs. As soon as we were all seated, he woke up. He wasn't loud or fussy . . . just awake. So Kyle hold him for a few minutes when we heard it.

Let me back up and give you some important background information. Doctors say that when a bottle fed baby has a full diaper you can smell it and when a breastfed baby fills his diaper . . . you hear it. As soon as we heard Jack start his "I'm pooping my pants" grunts, Kyle and I just looked at each other and laughed because we knew what was coming. In no time, there was a rumble from below and everyone around us knew that Jack (or at least I hope they knew it was Jack) had filled his pants. Kyle took him to the bathroom to change him.

He returned a few minutes later with a freshly changed baby and I decided I could hold him for a while. As soon as I took him, he spit up all over me and the pew. After that, he got fussy.

Kyle walked him around in the foyer and the fireside cafe until church was over.

The rest of today was difficult. He was inconsolably fussy. He cried for most of the afternoon. He was great at camp when we were at dinner, but continued to be fussy when we got home. I don't know if it's diaper rash, something I ate, his congestion . . . I just know that there's something wrong with him. Hopefully tomorrow will be a little bit easier.

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