August 7, 2007

Chatting it up

I think the number of words I speak in a day has increased 10-fold over the last few weeks. I talk to Jack constantly. And we were talking a few weeks ago about how we repeat ourselves so much when we talk to babies. "Mommy's gonna change your diaper so you can be clean. Do you want mommy to change your diaper? Do you want to be clean? We're going to get rid of all the poopy in your diaper. Won't that be nice? Who wants a clean diaper? I do (that was me talking for Jack)! Mom's gonna change you now . . ." With babies, I think you have to repeat yourself just to fill up the space that would normally be taken up by someone talking back to you.

I know it's good for his language development, but that's A LOT of talking. A LOT. This morning, I really just wanted to do what I had to do to get Jack ready and not talk about it. I was in a rather pensive mood. But he was just looking at me in a way that said, "Talking to me equals loving me." Ok, that might be a loose interpretation of the look, but I couldn't not interact with him. So we talked about changing out of his pajamas, putting on a clean diaper, packing the diaper bag for the day, going to camp, who we would see at camp today, what we would do at camp today, etc.

I love talking to Jack and spending time with him, and I guess I should enjoy this while it lasts. He probably won't always laugh when I talk about changing his diaper or about going to camp. Have you seen the commercial . . . well, instead of trying to explain it, here it is:

I'm sitting here watching my baby fall asleep in one arm, while I type with the other. I'll have plenty of time to work quietly in the future. I guess I'll savor these moments while they last. :)

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