August 2, 2007

Life's wierd right now

I've been on a short blogging hiatus over the last three or four days . . . because the last three or four days have been rough. You know how something can happen that can change the way you look at the world completely? I felt that way after we had a dorm fire at Greenville and lost a student in the fire my sophomore year. It's one of those things so awful that you can't believe it actually happened and your brain sometimes tries to trick you into thinking you're imagining it. Kyle and I have had several of those moments this week happen one right after the other and we're left wondering if there's anything certain in life and why things happen the way that they do.

Having said that, I've had a lot of things I would have liked to write about, but I can't remember half of them. It was a good week at camp, but more exhausting than most. I probably shouldn't be up right now even writing this because I need my sleep. We're taking our staff to Warren Dunes tomorrow for our annual "end-of-the-summer" trip. I'll be leaving my baby for the longest I've ever left him tomorrow too. I was away from him a lot today and I missed him. But what I'm looking forward to even LESS than being away from Jack is getting into a bathing suit. Yuck. No one wants to see that.

Jack is now officially 2 months old! That's so crazy. The first two months of my pregnancy seemed to last two years. The first two months of his life seemed more like two weeks.

This is going to be a BUSY weekend, so I need to get my sleep. Good night!

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