July 2, 2007

Family Christian Bookstore

So, my blog has changed in the last four weeks. Number one, they've become a lot more boring. "Jack cried again. Jack pooped again. Jack did something cute. Blah, blah, blah." And number two, I don't update it as often. It seems that I have nothing to write about than the things I listed in number one, so there's not much to report on daily. So, here's something completely different.

I went into Family Christian bookstore today. I don't do that very often because their merchandise is WAY overpriced. And I know some of you would tell me that I'm supporting a "Christian organization" when I shop there so it's worth paying the extra, but I'm not sure what makes them Christian other than having the term in the name of their store and the fact that they sell Christian merchandise. In fact, I kind of dislike supporting them because of all of the cheesy stuff they sell that make Christians look like morons.

Anyway, this blog is not about that. Well, kind of it is, but not really. I was looking for a specific book and found it and was waiting in line to pay. I noticed that on one side of the cash register was a rack with rows of pictures of World Vision children that you could sponsor for $22.00 a month. On the other side was a rack of applications for the Family Christian credit card. If you applied for the credit card you got a bag full of books and CDs. There are so many problems with this scenario with this that I don't even know where to begin. But it gets better.

The guy at the cash register was semi-creepy and was taking FOREVER to ring up the girl in front of me. Why? Because he stopped to check out every item she was purchasing and commented on it. EVERY ITEM. I wasn't in a rush or anything, but it was akward and I just wanted it to be over so we could all be put out of our misery. I tell you this part just so you're aware that he knew exactly which titles she was buying. I can't remember the exact title of one of the books, but it had something to do with overcoming debt in a world of consumerism. He proceeded to ask her if she'd like to apply for the Family Christian credit card. Really, buddy? Know your audience. WHen she said "no" he went through the entire bag of goodies she could receive if she applied. She politely denied his request again.

Maybe the FCB employees should start asking people if they want to sponsor a child instead.

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