June 28, 2007


I've had an exercise ball for years. I think Kyle got it for me as a gift when we were first married (and I was ok with getting a piece of exercise equipment as a gift because he knew I wanted one). You know what I'm talking about, right? One of those oversize pink rubber balls that you can sit on and lay on in order to make exercise more challenging and "fun?" Up until last night, ours has only been used for sitting on to play video games. I don't know . . . maybe it seems that video games are "healthier" if we sat on an exercise ball while we play them. Last night, it became the baby soother. Jack loved it when I held him and bounced him on it. Plus, his fussiness ceased. Score one for mom.

Things were pretty good all around last night. When he fell asleep after the exercise ball, I put him down in his crib because I had some things to do in the bedroom where his bassinet is. He slept in there until Kyle and I were ready to go to bed. (Side note: Murphy chewed a hole in our Pottery Barn Kids boppy cover and I'm NOT HAPPY) We went to bed without him in our room and it was rough on both of us. I was surprised that Kyle had a hard time with it too. However, as soon as our heads hit the pillow, we heard his cry over the monitor.

Kyle got him up and changed his diaper and sat down to try and feed him the bottle I had made up. Up until this point, he wouldn't take a bottle (I was beginning to think that the breast pump was a waste of money), but this night was different. But Kyle sat down with it and he took it likeit came naturally to him. He kind of looked at Kyle as if to say, "I said I'd do it when I was ready." I guess he's grown up a little in the past 48 hours.

When Kyle put him in his bassinet after the bottle, he was still awake. I thought for sure that he would start crying. But he just drifted off to sleep on his own. That has never happened before. We think (don't laugh) that he might have liked the sound of the breast pump because when I turned it off the first time he kind of stirred until I turned it back on.

In other news, Kyle found out today that he won't be coaching JV basketball again this year. They're looking for someone with more high school coaching experience and since last year was his only expeience coaching high school basketball, that kind of counts him out. He's a little disappointed, but only because they've known for a couple of months that they wanted someone else and hadn't told him. To be honest, we're not all that bummed about the whole thing. We're excited to have that 10 weeks back . . . excited that he doesn't have to deal with frustrating parents . . . even more excited that he doesn't have to deal with, well, other people involved. In fact, I was secretly hoping he would decide not to do it anyway. However, we're still trying to figure out where that money will come from. It wasn't enough to make us rich, but was just enough to make losing it hurt. We've got a lot of extra bills that start in November. I wish he could still coach 7th or 8th grade basketball. It was so much easier and really not much less pay. I guess this is the part where we trust God to provide. He always does and surprisingly, I'm not that worried about it. Maybe becaus it's still so far off. Or maybe it's plain old peace.

Alright, Jack's calling. So is Kyle. Gotta go.

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