June 16, 2007

Road Trip

Jack went on his first road trip to Great Grandma Wietholter's house! He slept the entire way (three hours) there and screamed the entire way (well, only about an hour of the way) home. Everyone ooed and ahhed and seemed to agree that he's the cutest baby EVER! Here are some pictures of the trip!

Aunt Karina came to stay the night before our trip and read him a story (although I read him his first bedtime story two nights before that and he really seemed to enjoy it).

His Great Grandma thought he was "precious."

4 Generations

Side note: Murphy's getting a lot better with Jack. SHe seems to be getting used to no longer being the center of attention. Here's a picture just to remind you what she looks like. More importantly, check out how much less swollen my ankles are now!

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