June 19, 2007

Another crazy day . . .

Monday was just as crazy, if not crazier than Sunday. We got to camp in the morning and we had a camper who had already punched his counselor twice. When Kyle went up to handle the situation, the camper cracked him in the head with a side rail for a bunk bed . . . which bought his ticket home. This camper who we had to send home was signed up for target sports class (riflery and archery). Crisis avoided? Perhaps. So Kyle spent the morning dealing with that.

I was dealing with everything else going on down at breakfast, plus everything we had forgotten to have ready for the day, plus Jack. Luckily, Jack was good all morning.

However, Jack turned over a new leaf yesterday. The fussy leaf. I had made the commitment to take Jack home for a little bit of normalcy after lunch. He slept all the way home, but as soon as we walked in the door, he started crying and didn't stop until a little after midnight. He probably had a total of an hour of sleep during that entire 12-hour period. It was kinda miserable. He went from being such a happy baby to a REALLY fussy baby almost instantly. Kyle came home for a little while during the afternoon and got him to calm down. He put him in his crib and left and about 10 minutes later Jack was wailing again. It just makes me feel helpless.

I didn't get a shower yesterday which made me feel so gross all day. Mainly because I have been wearing flip-flops and my feet were so dirty. When Kyle came home last night, I had finally been able to get Jack to fall asleep on my stomach, so I didn't want to get up and ruin that just to take a shower. I told Kyle about how I was feeling and he grabbed a wash cloth and cleaned my feet for me. Amazing.

Today, he slept all morning except for nursing times. I kind of wonder if his fussiness yesterday was a reaction to something I ate. He was so good this morning, so I decided to bring him to camp so I could get some things done. He got fussy right around the time we got here. Honeymoon's over, I guess.

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