June 15, 2007


I so badly wish I had a video camera with me this afternoon because you probably won't believe what I'm about to tell you. Luckily, we had two witnesses besides Kyle and I to confirm that what I'm about to tell you is true.

Jack rolled over unassisted from back to front today. I know it sounds unbelievable that a two month old could do that. It was probably a fluke and it will probably be months before he does it again, but it happened . . . for real.

Kyle and I were sitting in the Cedar Center talking with Amy and JJ. Kyle was holding Jack and playing with him. Kyle laid him down on the table (which I'm sure breaks some sort of camp liscensing health code - sorry sherry) and he kind of tipped on his side as he usually does when we lay him down. He laid there for a while and began to try and keep leaning/rolling. I made a joke about how it looked like he was trying to roll over. For the next 30 - 45 seconds, he kept trying this until he was tipped all the way up and completed the roll (it sounds like some sort of gymnastic move, I know). Then he started screaming because he was laying on his arm and his face was smashed against the table.

So, no one really believes us, but it's true. Amy and JJ can even back it up. Jack's ahead of the curve. I kind of want to call the lady who said I'm causing him brain damage (see previous blog) to tell her.

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