June 20, 2007

It's a different world . . .

I have a little baby poop on my left pant leg, breast milk on my right pant leg, pee on my shirt and spit up on my shoulder. And I don't want to change because I know that clean clothes will be dirty again in about an hour. It's a different world thab it was 3 weeks ago.

It's a Wednesday afternoon in June and I'm sitting at home. I haven't been at home on a Wednesday afternoon in June for more than 15 minutes for more than 9 years. It's a little strange. When I'm here, it really does feel more like April or October. Jack has just made my world totally different.

I know that it's to be expected . . . everyone knows that life changes completely once you have a baby. But having him in June made that realization much more emphatic. Besides sitting waiting for him to wake up, I have very little to do at home. This is the complete antithesis of what my summers have been like in the past. I just keep wondering what everyone at camp is doing right now.

Please don't misunderstand me . . . I love Jackson and wouldn't trade him for the world. I'm just still trying to figure out how all the pieces of my life fit together.

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