July 30, 2007

Not interested

I feel bad for the cashiers at Target, Old Navy and pratically every other retailer out there who have to go through this a bajillion times a day:

Cashier: Would you be interested in saving 10% today by applying for a Target Visa?
Me: No, thank you.
Cashier: Are you sure? You could save, um, $1.50 on this purchase and receive monthly coupons in the mail fo future 10% discounts.
Me: No, thank you. I'm not interested.

Total rejection. A bajillion times a day.

If I could talk to the people who make them say that (some of whom even evaluate their preformance based on how many people actually do apply for a credt card) I'd tell them they need to give their employees something better to offer. A 10% disvount on a credit card that boasts a 24.99% interest rate isn't really a great deal. Maybe if they're gonna charge 24.99% interest, they should offer a 24.99% discount. Or more. It's just a thought.

Jack's a little under the weather. I think maybe he's got the cold I had last week. But maybe not. He really only has congested sinuses. Other than that he's in really good spirits. I was really achy and I'd expect him to be crankier if he felt like I did. He is sleepier than usual though.

Last night was the first night of our 2nd double camp. That was back when Jack was little (2 weeks old). I expected it to be awful again, but everything went VERY smoothly. It was great. Jack slept through registration in the bjorn carrier and I was amazed at how much he has grown. His head didn't even come above the carrier at the first camp, but now it's way above!

Ok, I lied. He has a fever so I guess we'll call the doctor.

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