July 28, 2007

Buying deodorant

Kyle and I had a chance to go on a date last night. And when I say "date", I mean what all married couples with children mean when they say "date" . . . we ran errands and got dessert while Kyle's parents watched jack. I had a mini-breakdown while balancing the checkbook yesterday, so I needed this little bit of de-stress time. It was a nice time away and we got quite a bit done.

Anyway, when Kyle and I were making returns at Target we picked up a few things we needed: razor blades for him, some bug-killing spray for the plants out front . . . and deodorant for me. This was significant and let me tell you why.

For the five years we've been married, we've had a joke/argument going on about how much deodorant Kyle goes through in a year (side note: isn't it funny how many marital jokes have "/argument" after them?). Seriously, it seems like every other time we're out he has to pick up more because he ran out. On the other hand, I use deodorant every day (sometimes more than once in the summer) just like he does but I can probably count on one hand the number of times I've had to buy it since we've been married. I don't think I smell worse than he does, but I guess everyone else is more of the judge of that than I am.

This week, I noticed I was getting low and I had to buy some. It was a special occasion. They don't make the "sparkling pear" scent that I usually wear anymore (shocker). So I got some tropical smelling kind that will make me smell like I'm wearing sunscreen all year long.

I realize as i type this that those of you reading it may not thing that this is as eventful as we do, and some of you may be wondering if my hygiene habits are what they should be. But it gave us something to laugh about.

I also tried on some pants at Old Navy that actually fit. Yes, they were two sizes larger than what I was wearing last year at this time, but at least I could wear a pair of pants sans elastic waistband. No, I did not buy them. I'm thinking that I might need to buy new winter pants if my waistline doesn't reach it's original size by this fall so I'm saving my money for that. I am realizing, though, that I have four bridal/baby showers to go to in the next month and I'm going to have to invest at least a little money in some new clothes for that. I'm not sure that t-shirts and worn out khaki capris will cut it for those.

On our way home last night the Saturn was making some funky noises, vibrating horribly, braking badly and the back driver's side tire smelled really hot. Yikes. We only have one payment left on that car. I bought it 5 years ago on Kyle's birthday when we were engaged but still a few months away from being married. On August 26 it will be completely paid off. Just on time to put a lot of money into fixing it. Oh well, it's kind of a drop in the bucket at this point.

Speaking of 5 years ago, on July 17 it was the 5 year anniversary of when Kyle proposed to me. It's kind of hard to believe that it's already been 5 years. And in other ways, it's hard to believe that it's ONLY been 5 years. We were so young back then. A friend of ours proposed to his girlfriend on July 17 this year so it's fun for us to have the same "engagement anniversary date" as they do. We've been a part of a coupld of engagements now. SOmeone proposed to their girlfriend (now wife) in our old apartment. Someone proposed to their girlfriend (now wife) in our trailer that we stayed in out at camp one summer. Now, we just need to have someone propose at our house. If anyone's interested, they can just let us know. :)

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