July 17, 2007

Sewer systems and singing bees

Have you seen the new show "The Singing Bee?" It's a fun premise for a show, but the people on it . . . are they real? They are the happiest (/fakest) people I've ever seen on television. Are they actors or are they really from the general public. Where do they find these people? THey'r not only happy, but someone turned their inhibitor switch to the off position. They dance flamboyantly (/horribly) and sing loudly (/way off key) and seem to love every minute of it. Maybe we should all be a little more like them? Maybe not. And then at the end of the episode I watched, one lady won and didn't even have to do anything. Ahhh . . . awful summer television.

I finally caught up to week 6 in my "your baby week-by-week" book and month two oh "what to expect the first year." I know that everyone around me has missed my random spurts of information about the development of Jack's cerebral cortex or the milestones for this month. I'm learning a lot (and so is he).

We got a letter in the mail today explaining the vote that our township will be taking on whether or not to put sewers in. If it passes, every resident will have to fork over $13,000. And that doesn't include the cost of getting rid of our septic system. Where do they think that we can come up with that kind of money? It has me a little panicked tonight, because I already feel overwhelmed with financial stuff. In our area, 1 out of 4 houses is in foreclosure, the unemployment rate is 8% and the economy in general sucks. THey claim that having sewers will increase our property value, but how is that possible if every house in our neighborhood has sewer? Mine won't be anymore valuable than the one next door. Also, our taxes will go up because of the alleged property value increase. Our lake association sent a letter encouraging people to vote yes. THey said it will keep them from having to spend $80,000 a year killing weeds in the lake. Will our lake association fees go down then? Not so much. This is the same lake association that DOUBLED our fees two years ago with no vote at all to approve it. I HATE SMALL TOWNS.

I've been watching "Flip that House" on TLC during my late night feedings. I wish I had enough money to flip a house (buy a run down house, fix it up and sell it for a quick profit). Honestly, I just wish I had enough money to pay all the bills. Wasn't Jack supposed to come out holding a bag of money?

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