July 22, 2007

What's in a name?

So, Kyle and I truly love the name "Jackson William." We thought about several names while I was pregnant but kept coming back to that one. Jack is named after a long line of great Jacks . . . Jack Bristow, Jack Shepherd, Jack Bauer . . . the list could go on and on. We thought about initials, potential nicknames and many other things in order to be sure that we were giving our child a respectable name. Here's something we didn't think of . . .

People already get our last name confused as Kyle's first name. Some of my family still calls Kyle, "Luke." So what could make having a first name for a last name worse? Maybe giving our son a first name that is much more common as a last name. Maybe.

When I called to make Jack's appointment for this week, the lady found him in the computer (or so she thought) and said, "Now, he'll be 18 in October, right?" Well, he is advanced for his age, but that's just not possible. "No," I said, "He's only 6 weeks old." Come to find out she confused him with a 17 1/2 year old patient at U of M named Luke Jackson. We've set him up for a lifetime of confusion. WHen the nurse came to call us back for our ultrasound, she came out and said, "Luke Jackson." Kyle and I didn't even bother trying to correct her.

Oh well. We still love the name. And we love the kid to whom it is attached even more.

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