July 24, 2007

Loud bass guy

I love good music. I espcially love listening to music in the car. Ok, let's be honest . . . I love singing at the top of my lungs to music in my car. I don't sing in front of people too often, but if you spend enough time driving with me, you'll enevitably hear it. All of that to say . . . I understand the enjoyment that comes from listening ot music in the car.

What I don't understand are the guys (and I guess maybe girls too . . . but mostly guys) who turn their music up so loud that you can hear it from two blocks away. Please don't get me wrong here . . . I really do understand loud music. I drove my car the other day and it was one of the first times I've driven without Jack in the back seat in weeks. Let's just say that the radio was back to the pre-baby volume. Kyle used to always be able tell when I pulled in the driveway because he could hear the music from my car. But why play it so loud that it's no longer enjoyable, and turn the bass so far up that it hurts anyone within 10 yards of your car? Turning the dial that increases the bass does absolutely nothing to make you cool. It doesn't take talent. It doesn't take nerve. Anyone can do it.

I realize as I type this that I'm showing my age and that I may as well be walking around shaking a cane at people with loud music, but this past week, I had a headache. I had a sleeping baby. I was lying in bed praying that it will go away so that I could get something done while Jack slept when I heard it . . . thump, thump, thump. There was a kid having a party down the street. My first clue should have been when I came home and saw the car parked almost in the middle of the road because the rest of the road parking spots were taken.

I'm used to loud music on my street. My neighbors three doors down (who were recently evicted) used to have their car in their driveway with the music (vulgar music, may I add) on so loud that I could hear it loud and clear . . . even in the basement. It's probably the most inconsiderate thing ever. It happened a lot more than once. I'm thinking that they didn't have a radio or CD player in their house so they just used the one in the car and turned it up loud enough to hear in their house. I thought about dropping off a 1996 portable cd player at their house as a remedy to the situation.

In conclusion, loud bass guy, please turn the music down. The residents (or at least this resident) of Hillary Drive are getting sick of it . . . and we don't think you're cool.

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