July 5, 2007

Fourth of July

I love summer. I really love Independence Day. It's one of those days that is fun every year no matter what you do. This year , we spent the afternoon with my mom's side of the family for their annual get together. I say "their" get together and not "our" get together because the last time I was there was 5 years ago. Hopefully we can get there enough in the future that I can start referring to it as "our" get together.

We live on lake association property and about half of the homes here are vacation or summer homes and cottages . . . which means that for most of the year half of the homes are vacant. So, when I was walking Murphy this morning, I was amazed at how busy everything was and how many people were around. It was like walking through a campground on 4th of July weekend. There were tons of boats and other types of watercraft on the lake, kids were out on bikes and the beach area was packed.

Anyway, I have always LOVED fireworks. I think that they're the perfect balance of fun and beauty. This year, my love for fireworks has been tainted. Since the 4th was on Wednesday and there was no clear holiday weekend, the holiday has basically been celebrated from June 29 through tonight (July 7). And there have been fireworks set off every night, until late in the night. Besides the fact that they are illegal, they are very, very loud. I just can't believe how many were set off after midnight!

All of this to say, fireworks + infant + over-sensitive, psycho dog = really long nights all week. And it continues tonight. Getting Jack to go to sleep in what sounds like a war zone with a dog barking furiously out the back door is really annoying. I guess there's not point to this story other than to complain.

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