January 13, 2010

Things bloggers should never do

There are a couple of things bloggers should never do . . . and I did two of them.

First, I wrote about how we were "on the mend." What was I thinking? The boys are both healthy now, but I woke up in the wee hours of Monday morning and was throwing up. By the evening, I had a fever. I still don't know what it was.

Second, I mentioned that Bennett was sleeping 11 - 12 hour stretches at night. Again, what ON EARTH was I thinking? He was up every 2 - 3 hours over the last two nights. I think it was partly because I had only consumed saltine crackers and water all day and my milk supply was low. And, it was partly because I mentioned it on my blog.

So, at some point between throwing up and shivering in bed with chills, I made the (really difficult) decision yesterday to shut the shop down for a few days. Maybe a week. We'll see. I just needed some time to get well, get my boys well and get things in order around the house. And, there was a project I'm working on at work that took up my days and evenings, so I've been able to work on that without distraction. Also, I really needed to take a shower.

So, I won't mention that I'm feeling much better or that Bennett went to bed tonight pretty well. I'll just say that I'm hoping for the best for the next few days.

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Tara said...

Yeah...I've gotten to the point that when people ask me a.) if the kids are healthy or b.) if K is sleeping through consistently I just say "Oh, we don't talk about those things." It never, ever fails to bite me u-know-where if I actually answer in a positive way.

I hope you're feeling better, and sleeping well, soon!