January 7, 2010


Last Friday, Jack developed a fever that lasted through yesterday. It's been anywhere from 100 - 103 degrees and has been accompanied by a nasty-sounding cough. When Jack's feverish, it often brings nightmares and causes us to be up with him multiple times a night.

And of course, the week that Jack doesn't sleep well, Ben starts sleeping 11 - 12 hour stretches. I stopped waking him up to eat at midnight thinking that he'd probably start waking at 1 or 2 again, but lo and behold, he slept right through.

Kyle and I both stayed home on Tuesday since both of the boys were sick . . . which was a little sad because it was supposed to be Kelsey's last time babysitting for Jack before she heads off to school (HUGE bummer there . . . but new arrangements are starting to fall into place). It was kind of nice to have a day at home that we hadn't planned to have because I feel like for the first time since Ben was born, our house is back to a livable condition. It's not completely clean or organized, but it no longer stresses me out.

Ben has Jack's cough but no fever (yet). He has slept all but 2 hours since he woke up at 7 this morning. I've been able to get a lot done, but I hate hearing him coughing and hacking through the monitor. We haven't visited the doctor, because I haven't seen any signs that this is anything that won't pass on it's own, but I saw someone post on facebook about their child having an ear infection and I wonder if I should have had that checked out. Jack's never had an ear infection, so I'm not even sure what to look for.

The WORST part of the boys and their coughs is that they both have gagged themselves to the point of throwing up several times. Like, projectile vomit. The first time it happened, Jack walked up to me and said, "I got somefing on the carpet."

"What did you get on the carpet, Jack?" I feared the worst.

"Frow up."


On a different note . . . my nickname for Bennett this week has been "scarface" because of all of the little scratches he has. It doesn't matter how far down we cut his fingernails, he still manages to get himself. We tried putting socks over his hands, but he wouldn't settle down in his crib like he usually does when I did that.


K said...

Ear infections usually pass without antibiotic treatment unless they get REALLY severe. And you'll know if it's that severe because the pain will be completely unmanageable. Until that happens treat for pain/fever with ibuprophen and tylenol and do your kidlings (and the rest of the country) the favor of not over-exposing them to antibiotics since antibiotic treatment comes with it's own set problems (rash, reaction, yeast/intestinal imbalance)

Anonymous said...

we had a coughing-to-gagging incident here a couple of weeks ago too...i could do without it.

hope your boys are feeling better soon! and while i agree with the commenter above (that most ear infections will heal on their own), sometimes the fluid in the ear just won't go away without antibiotics (the actual infection might go away, but fluid can remain, which easily leads to another infection). we've had so many infections in this house i can't count them.

Sarah said...

I am so sorry that the boys are sick :( However, I'm SUPER envious of how long Ben's sleeping through the night!!!?!?!? Ezra sleep usually somewhere between 4-5 hour stretches :( Not terrible, but what I wouldn't do for even 8 hours! I should post a pic of the scrape across E's face last week....looked like I'd taken a knife to his face! His nails are so sharp even after they're cut!!

Anyway, hope the coughs go away soon!

Minnie said...

I hate to hear that they're sick. It's always a bummer.

As Jack would say, "It's not fair."