January 24, 2010


Before we had kids, I used to love weekends. Well, the weekends we had off at least. We slept in, there was no schedule, no agenda . . . we just enjoyed the down time. I dreaded Monday mornings.

But now, on Sunday nights I look forward to Monday morning. The weekends throw everything off a little. We don't get to sleep in, it's harder to keep a schedule and I feel a little aimless. I think that this might be a sign that I'm getting old. Maybe.

I've been struggling to get a schedule into place since Ben was born, but I think we finally have it. Kelsey went back up north to school this winter, so we're trying something new. We have mostly sitters lined up, but part of our new arrangement involves Jack going to day care at a friend's house three mornings a week.

I was nervous about taking Jack to day care because whenever we talked about it, he'd say, "Will you stay and play with me?" But I kid you not, we walked into the house for the first time and he headed straight to the toy room and never looked back. He seems to have fun with the other kids there and usually cries when he has to leave, so I guess that's a good sign.

We've been passing around ANOTHER virus this week, but I think we're nearing the end of it. My fingers are crossed that tomorrow will be the first day of 2010 that all four of us are healthy.

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rachel said...

so, um - remember when you did that picture post about "remember"??

well, i'm just now getting around to posting mine:

hopefully i'll be more prompt for the next one. actually, what is the next one?