January 18, 2010

Bad words, rolling and breastfeeding

Congratulations to Jodi for being the first person to babysit for BOTH of my boys at the same time and living to tell about it. It's not that I was worried she wouldn't be able to handle it. I was just worried that Jack wouldn't be able to handle having her attention shared by Bennett. But everything seemed to go well and I'm glad she's available to watch them regularly!

Jack continues to be a challenge at times. It comes and goes. One some days, he's the sweetest, most obedient little boy you'll ever meet. And on others . . . watch out! Nap time and bed time prove to be the most difficult.

We had a family movie night on Saturday night and we were so excited to watch Toy Story with him. He had never seen it and it had been more years than I can count since I had. We let him pick out a snack, we put Ben to bed and popped the VHS in the VCR. I honestly couldn't believe how many times they said "stupid," "idiot" and "shut up" In that movie. So it was no surprise that Jack spent most of "nap time" yesterday in his room yelling "stupid" and "shut up." The funny thing (if there's anything funny about your toddler screaming that for two hours) is that he doesn't know what either of those things means. He just knows they're "bad words." He knows he's not supposed to say them. So, for now, we're just ignoring it and hoping that not getting a reaction from us will cause him to lose interest.

Bennett, on the other hand, is a dream. Well, as long as we don't leave the house. With Jack, we used to look for reasons to take him out because he was so much happier when he wasn't cooped up at home. Ben loves to be at home and gets cranky if we are elsewhere for too long. He's going to have to get used to it when we hit the summer, I suppose.

He rolls pretty well now . . . tummy to back and back to tummy. Oddly enough, rolling from back to tummy comes much more easily to him than tummy to back. I was browsing facebook doing something very important the other day and heard him calling for help because he had rolled himself off of his playmat, across the floor and had his feet half-lodged under the couch. Whoops. When I asked him what he was doing, he just grinned and waited for me to rescue him.

As long as he's not tired or hungry, he's SO happy. He's such a good sleeper, and in retrospect, I think Jack could have been too, if he hadn't been our first child. We're A LOT better at the sleep thing now than we used to be.

Sadly, it seems that my breastfeeding days are numbered. With Ben being sick last week, he ate a lot less than usual and slept through the night so much that my milk supply dropped quickly and drastically. And then we followed that my my flu-like mystery illness that kept me from eating or drinking much for two days and it dwindled even more. I've been feeding him every 1 - 2 hours and pumping like a maniac for days trying to increase the supply, and using my stockpile of frozen milk to help when I have nothing to offer. It's been a little emotional for me and I'll continue to try until I have nothing left, but I'm worried that day will be here soon.


Sara Neufeld said...

Have you tried drinking "mother's milk tea?"

Sara said...

I'll add my two cents by offering up Fenugreek as an herbal supply booster. Three pills, three times a day is recommended, though I have taken more. There's also a recipe for lactation cookies that I'm sure Jack wouldn't mind helping you eat!! Good luck, mama!

Jeni said...

Funny how kids latch onto those "bad" words, isn't it. Andy (my husband) jokes around with Skyler when he is asking for something he shouldn't/can't have and tells him 'no, get a job'. Somehow Skyler has decided this is a good insult for when his brother is screaming or annoying him. I found him yelling "Mason, get a job!" the other day. Kids are weird. Good luck with the bf'ing, and don't be too hard on yourself.