July 27, 2009


Many people have commented to me that "this is the perfect summer for a pregnant woman" because it's so cool. Those people don't know me very well.

I depend on July and August to warm me up enough to last the entire winter. I need 95 degree days to keep me from freezing to the core in February. Needless to say, I was not thrilled about the day last week that it didn't even hit 70.

This week is going so much more smoothly than I had anticipated. I'm almost afraid to publish that last sentence, because, well . . . you know. Only two weeks of campers and our summer comes to an end. Jack is finally adjusting to our schedule and in two weeks it'll change all over again.

I've decided that Jack thinks there's a statute of limitations on what I ask him to do or not to do. If I haven't reminded him of a particular rule (like, say, that he's not allowed to get into the cupboards or refrigerator) in the last 10 minutes, he considers in null and void. He walked into my bedroom while I was drying my hair the other morning and he had the lid of the orange juice carton and was drinking out of it.

The bathroom in our room has a separate tub and shower stall, which normally is annoying, but has proven to be handy over the last couple of weeks. When we get home from camp at night, I give Jack a bath in the tub in our bathroom and let him play while I hop in the shower. For all of you who just audibly gasped over the thought of me leaving Jack in the bath tub alone, the shower is right there and I can see him the entire time. And we're usually singing songs together while he plays with his bath toys. The other benefit of this arrangement is that I have again begun showering regularly. I can almost hear the sigh of relief.

It's a fun little routine and I've come to enjoy that time together. When I'm dressed, I wrap him in a towel and he likes to run around for a little while. He always asks to be "wrapped tight like a burrito." How could you not love this kid?


ann said...

Heh. The receiving blankets wrapped around our little one caused my mom to nickname him "Jose Taco."

Jack is way cute.

Sarah said...

Well, generally I would agree with you that I depend on the WARM summer months to get me through the FREEZING winters when I can't seem to ever warm up....and I DESPISE being cold...it's physically painful to me. BUT....this summer....I have enjoyed the cooler than normal temps. Usually in the summer you will often find me in hoodies and long sleeved shirts. This summer...not once. Well, okay, maybe ONCE, but really not like normal. I've been HOT! I haven't even gotten cold in the air conditioning this summer! I'm "that" pregnant person!