July 17, 2009


I know I should be updating on more important things . . . like my 31st week of pregnancy or Jack's 2-year well visit. But I have something else on my mind.

We're in the middle of trying to decide what to do with the bedrooms in our house. Jack has moved into what used the be the larger spare bedroom, and there is literally nothing more than a bed and a dresser with the drawers against the wall in the room. Now that he's getting better at staying in bed, I think it's safe to start decorating. But I'm a little stumped.

We knew we wanted a baseball theme, and we found this room as our inspiration. Of course, it's the only room in the catalog that doesn't have the Benjamin Moore paint colors listed so we'll have to figure it out ourselves. AND, the quilt sold out and they won't be restocking it. Nice, huh?

We were going to buy Jack a new bed, but we think we're going to stick with the one that we have, as well as the dresser that we have. Both are a medium to light colored wood. Eventually we'll put both boys in that room and turn the nursery back into a spare bedroom so we decided to save our money on a new bed now so that we can get bunk beds in a couple of years.

I'm just not sure how to find stuff to tie it all together, you know? I'm feeling a little bit uninspired.

The second thing is that we've gone back and forth about whether or not to re-do the nursery. It was decorated in "vintage airplane" theme from pottery barn kids. Remember what it looks like?

I've found a few different crib sets that I like, but Kyle claims they're not masculine enough. When I was shopping with Joy last Sunday, I found a throw blanket that I love and I was inspired to use that color in the nursery. It's a darker cornflower blue, but I can't seem to find anything to coordinate with that color in baby bedding. I'm sure I could buy fabric and have someone sew stuff for me, but I have trouble envisioning what it would look like when I'm just looking at fabric.

So maybe we should just stick with what we already have? I can't decide.


Little Bird said...

Okay, so just a thought, but I was also inspired by that same bedroom set in Pottery Barn. Our two boys share a room, and I had furniture that was NOT as adorable as the stuff pictured. Anyway, I painted it navy blue (like in the picture) for about $20 and I love it. Also, check for the bedding on ebay (people are ALWAYS selling discontinued PB bedding on there) or at the Birch Run outlet. Hope you get it all figured out! Good luck! :)

Julie Durocher said...

My thought...I loved your nursery theme...keep it for baby # 2 since he is a he! For Jack's room, just paint the furniture that color! I'm sure it would great! And then you can stick with the theme. I bet you COULD find that quilt somewhere! You are so good at finding great stuff online! Be patient. :) Whatever you do, I am sure will be great. And you should feel good about having your kid's rooms decorated so cute! My boys have been living in a half painted space theme room and for the past 4 years and now they want something different...I didn't even finish the room! :)

Photos By : : Eric Hoffman said...

Hey Sara,
Check out the thecompanystore.com for bedding. I haven't checked the kids section in a while... well.. since I don't have any yet. But they have some awesome quilts and other bedding to choose from. Maybe you can find one to match the color scheme?

Photos By : : Eric Hoffman said...

the post above was melissa hoffman by the way :)