July 10, 2009

His first photo shoot

Jack is just like me in that he likes to play with cameras. He holds it up just the way I do, says "cheese," and then presses all of the buttons.

It's really cute and I want to encourage his creativity and curiosity. The problem is, I have some expensive photo equipment.

So, I decided to give him the ok to take pictures . . . within my set of boundaries: He can only use the small olympus camera and he must let us wrap the strap around his wrist (to prevent him from dropping it in the event of, oh, say and ice cream truck driving by).

And instead of him pressing random buttons, I taught him which one takes the pictures and how to hold it up and look through the screen. Though, I have to re-teach him every time I give him the camera. Up until now, we always had shots of grass and shoes, and he still needs a lot of help, but he's getting it.

Here's are a few from his photo shoot last weekend (thanks to the help of Grandma Wietholter and Aunt Karina):

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