July 18, 2009

Jack is (officially) 2 years old

Yes, he's been 2 years old for over a month but he just had his well visit with the doctor this week. Here are the highlights:
  • His weight has slowed down a little, but his height is still off the charts. 94th percentile for weight (33 lbs), 95th percentile for head circumfrence and 115th for height (38.5 inches). The nurse (who we really like, so it's ok that she did this) looked us both up and down and said, "Where is he getting his height from?!" Good question. My dad and brother are tall. Kyle's brother is tall. Jack just got the right genes, I guess.

  • He's developing normally. I wasn't really concerned about anything in particular, but it's always good to hear. We did get a little "development activity booklet" that I'm supposed to do with him and send back. I'm hoping to get to it sometime before his third birthday.

  • Jack asked the nurse and doctor questions about EVERYTHING they did. It was half amusing and half annoying. What's that? What you doing? Where she go?

  • He's obsessed with asking, "What time it is?" even though our response never means anything to him. He also gives us arbitrary times that he thinks things will happen. For example, when the nurse left the office he asked where she went and I said, "She'll be back in a few minutes." And he said, "Yeah, at one-firty." Nope.

    Earlier this week, his grandma asked him how long he had napped and he replied, "An hour and half." Nope, again.

  • Side note: He LOVES to do anything he can to help. This morning, he said, "Mama, you need socks?" I replied affirmatively.

    "Would you like me get you some?"

    "Sure, Jack."

    "How 'bout these?"

    "No, not those ones."

    "How 'bout these cute ones?"

    Funny kid.

  • At his appointment, he had to get his last immunization shot until he's 5. I made the mistake of not telling him it was coming. I just leaned across him like I normally do and tried to distract him. He kept saying, "What she doing? What Terri doing?" and I just kept trying to divert his attention. The look of concern grew across his face as he realized that I wasn't answer his questions. He looked really betrayed when he got stuck with the needle and I wish I had just told him that he would be ok and that it might hurt just a little. I think he's old enough now to understand it and I think he would have been less upset knowing it was coming. Maybe not. Oh, well.

  • He had his two-year auditory screening and he didn't pass on his left side. The doctor is going to re-check it when I bring the baby in for his check-ups in September/October.


Bruce and Lynn Jarrett said...

Shots are always hard for kids, but I agree, it is always better when they are prepared...but not too early or they tend to fret about it.
Sure do enjoy following this little guys progress! (and looking forward to the next!

Emily said...

I remember Jeffrey being quite short, actually.

Kristyw905 said...

I usually told you guys when you were getting a shot or blood test. Then we would spend the rest of the time, while waiting for the actual event, discussing just how much it might hurt i.e. a little pinch, big pinch, might not feel it at all, etc. Either way, you all would cry and then get over it.

Kristyw905 said...

Also, Jeff was always average height and weight at his check ups.

Sarah said...

cute blanket. I like it :)